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Account info

Account: ttttnnnntttt

Created at: 6/20/2018 14:37 UTC
RAM: 10.26 KB / 12.16 KB
CPU: 0.22 µs / 0.09 µs
Net: 0.11 KB / 992.45 KB
Staked (CPU): 1.0000
Staked (Net): 1.0000
Staked (Other): 0.0000
Unstaked: 0.0004
Total balance: 2.0004 EOS

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Raw Data

 {'account_name': 'ttttnnnntttt',
 'core_liquid_balance': '0.0004 EOS',
 'cpu_limit': {'available': 0, 'max': 93, 'used': 216},
 'cpu_weight': 10000,
 'created': '2018-06-20T14:37:32.500',
 'head_block_num': 105646402,
 'head_block_time': '2020-02-17T13:40:48.500',
 'last_code_update': '2018-09-18T13:23:45.500',
 'net_limit': {'available': 1016158, 'max': 1016271, 'used': 113},
 'net_weight': 10000,
 'permissions': [{'parent': 'owner',
                  'perm_name': 'active',
                  'required_auth': {'accounts': [],
                                    'keys': [{'key': 'EOS57e1GES29mbW1m3SFFsrxHTPZuhZrfsB3bSuXFprrxB2WMiggt',
                                              'weight': 1}],
                                    'threshold': 1,
                                    'waits': []}},
                 {'parent': '',
                  'perm_name': 'owner',
                  'required_auth': {'accounts': [],
                                    'keys': [{'key': 'EOS57e1GES29mbW1m3SFFsrxHTPZuhZrfsB3bSuXFprrxB2WMiggt',
                                              'weight': 1}],
                                    'threshold': 1,
                                    'waits': []}}],
 'privileged': False,
 'ram_quota': 12456,
 'ram_usage': 10509,
 'refund_request': None,
 'rex_info': None,
 'self_delegated_bandwidth': {'cpu_weight': '1.0000 EOS',
                              'from': 'ttttnnnntttt',
                              'net_weight': '1.0000 EOS',
                              'to': 'ttttnnnntttt'},
 'total_resources': {'cpu_weight': '1.0000 EOS',
                     'net_weight': '1.0000 EOS',
                     'owner': 'ttttnnnntttt',
                     'ram_bytes': 11056},
 'voter_info': {'flags1': 0,
                'is_proxy': 0,
                'last_vote_weight': '0.00000000000000000',
                'owner': 'ttttnnnntttt',
                'producers': [],
                'proxied_vote_weight': '0.00000000000000000',
                'proxy': '',
                'reserved2': 0,
                'reserved3': '0.0000 EOS',
                'staked': 20000}} 


{'abi': {'abi_extensions': [],
         'actions': [{'name': 'transfer',
                      'ricardian_contract': '## Transfer Terms & Conditions\n'
                                            'I, {{from}}, certify the '
                                            'following to be true to the best '
                                            'of my knowledge:\n'
                                            '1. I certify that {{quantity}} is '
                                            'not the proceeds of fraudulent or '
                                            'violent activities.\n'
                                            '2. I certify that, to the best of '
                                            'my knowledge, {{to}} is not '
                                            'supporting initiation of violence '
                                            'against others.\n'
                                            '3. I have disclosed any '
                                            'contractual terms & conditions '
                                            'with respect to {{quantity}} to '
                                            'I understand that funds transfers '
                                            'are not reversible after the '
                                            '{{transaction.delay}} seconds or '
                                            'other delay as configured by '
                                            "{{from}}'s permissions.\n"
                                            'If this action fails to be '
                                            'irreversibly confirmed after '
                                            'receiving goods or services from '
                                            "'{{to}}', I agree to either "
                                            'return the goods or services or '
                                            'resend {{quantity}} in a timely '
                      'type': 'transfer'},
                     {'name': 'issue',
                      'ricardian_contract': '',
                      'type': 'issue'},
                     {'name': 'create',
                      'ricardian_contract': '',
                      'type': 'create'}],
         'error_messages': [],
         'ricardian_clauses': [],
         'structs': [{'base': '',
                      'fields': [{'name': 'from', 'type': 'account_name'},
                                 {'name': 'to', 'type': 'account_name'},
                                 {'name': 'quantity', 'type': 'asset'},
                                 {'name': 'memo', 'type': 'string'}],
                      'name': 'transfer'},
                     {'base': '',
                      'fields': [{'name': 'issuer', 'type': 'account_name'},
                                 {'name': 'maximum_supply', 'type': 'asset'}],
                      'name': 'create'},
                     {'base': '',
                      'fields': [{'name': 'to', 'type': 'account_name'},
                                 {'name': 'quantity', 'type': 'asset'},
                                 {'name': 'memo', 'type': 'string'}],
                      'name': 'issue'},
                     {'base': '',
                      'fields': [{'name': 'balance', 'type': 'asset'}],
                      'name': 'account'},
                     {'base': '',
                      'fields': [{'name': 'supply', 'type': 'asset'},
                                 {'name': 'max_supply', 'type': 'asset'},
                                 {'name': 'issuer', 'type': 'account_name'}],
                      'name': 'currency_stats'}],
         'tables': [{'index_type': 'i64',
                     'key_names': ['currency'],
                     'key_types': ['uint64'],
                     'name': 'accounts',
                     'type': 'account'},
                    {'index_type': 'i64',
                     'key_names': ['currency'],
                     'key_types': ['uint64'],
                     'name': 'stat',
                     'type': 'currency_stats'}],
         'types': [{'new_type_name': 'account_name', 'type': 'name'}],
         'variants': [],
         'version': 'eosio::abi/1.0'},
 'account_name': 'ttttnnnntttt',
 'code_hash': 'cb62eddcfde0ddbde5c00a87d102f6c4eaf5f13a112bda4d001868fbb29f7001',
 'wasm': '\x00asm\x01\x00\x00\x00\x01%\x07`\x00\x01~`\x02~~\x00`\x02\x7f\x7f\x01\x7f`\x00\x01\x7f`\x01\x7f\x00`\x03~~~\x00`\x03\x7f\x7f\x7f\x01\x7f\x02(\x02\x03env\x0c'
         '\x00 \x00 \x01A \x10\x08E\x0b'
         '\x00 \x00 \x01A \x10\x08E\x0b'
         '\x00 \x00 \x01A \x10\x08A\x00G\x0b'
         '\x0e\x00 \x00)\x03\x00 \x00)\x03\x08\x10\x01\x0b'
         'I\x01\x03\x7fA\x00!\x05\x02@ \x02E\r'
         '\x00\x02@\x03@ \x00-\x00\x00"\x03 \x01-\x00\x00"\x04G\r'
         '\x01 \x01A\x01j!\x01 \x00A\x01j!\x00 \x02A\x7fj"\x02\r'
         ' \x03 \x04k!\x05\x0b'
         ' \x05\x0b'
 'wast': ''}